Family Counselling and Astrological Treatments

Social Worker Visiting Family With Young Baby

  • Medical astrology  is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs.
  • In the case of medicine, astrologers assigned signs of the zodiac to rule over parts of the body, planets to rule over organs and systems, and planets to rule over diseases and drugs.
  • The effect of planets on each sign, house and on each other plays an important role on the health in general and on particular organs. This effect will be felt during particular periods of concerned planets. Some chronic or permanent disabilities occur in accordance with the placement of malefic planets in certain positions.
  • Occasional physical disabilities and disturbances occur due to the astrological factors in time and space.
  • The signs in the zodiac, the planets and the houses considered from moon sign have their own pecularities pertaining to certain organs.



  • Aries : The crown of head-the scalp, masculine, firey, movable
  • Taurus : Signifies face, neck, earthy, feminine, fixed.
  • Gemini : Chest, common sign, airy, bisexual.
  • Cancer :Heart, movable, feminine, watery.
  • Leo : Stomach, abdominal organs, fixed, fiery, juices.
  • Virgo : Hips, common sign, feminine.
  • Libra : Naval region, umbilicus, airy, movable, masculine.
  • Scorpio : Genital organs, femine, watery, fixed.
  • Sagittarius : Thighs, common sign, fiery, masculine.
  • Capricorn : Knees, feminine, earthy, movable.
  • Aquarius : Calves of the feet, fixed, windy, masculine.
  • Pisces : Feet, common sign, feminine, watery.



  • First house : Head, neck and pelvis.
  • Second house : Right side body parts, right eye, shoulders, reproductive organs, speech, eye sight, face, nose.
  • Third house : Right ear, arm, overy, testicles, leg, throat.
  • Fourth house : Right cheek, knee, heart, (right lobe and valves), right side of stomach, spleen and liver.
  • Sixth house : Right jaw, chest and calf (muscle)of leg, body swelling, veneral diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer, colic pains etc. diseases.
  • Seventh house : Mouth, lips, naval region, groins, feet.
  • Eighth house : Left jaw, chest, calf muscles, anus, pistula, piles, urinary tract infections, veneral diseases.
  • Ninth house : Left cheek, heart and knee.
  • Tenth house : Left side body, nostrils, thigh.
  • Eleventh house : Left ear, arm, overy and testicles.
  • Twelveth house : Left side, eye, shoulder and sexual organs, injury, mental agony (tension).


  • Sun : Bald head, head, stomach, bones, heart, blood vessels, blood, eyes, brain, throat, spleen, fever, brain disorders, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, diarrhoea etc.,
  • Moon : Mixed, heart, vital organs, blood, urine, body fluids and secretions, glands.
  • Mars : Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, haemorage, abortion, menstrual disorders, rheumatism, veneral disease.
  • Mercury : Brain, thoracic organs, tongue, thyroid gland, skin, neck, nervous system, dumbness, insanity, skin, loss of memory.
  • Jupiter : Male, fatty, big bellied, phlegmatic, digestive organs, liver.
  • Venus : Muscles, thighs, hair, urinary and sex organs, buttocks, semen, veneral diseases, sex debility, hyper sex, sensory organs.
  • Saturn : Phlegmatic, windy, urinary bladder, rectum, anus, sweat pores, teeth, muscles, tendons, wrist, feet, muscular pains, toothache, tooth decay, ulcers, epilepsy, hysteria, respiratory diseases.
  • Rahu : Phlegmatic, skin, blood, cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, poisoning, allergies, eczema, infections, fevers etc.
  • Ketu : Bones, poisons, intoxicants, joints.