Homeopathy Doctor in Pune

Homeopathy Doctor in Pune

About – Dr. Shivaji Mali

Dr. Shivaji Mali is a Homeopathy Doctor in Pune, offering effective treatment of homeopathy for children and adults of all age groups.Swami Prasad homeopathy clinic is also one of the leading Homeopathy Clinic in Magarpatta.
Our practice of Classical Homeopathy boosts your immunity along with treatment of your main complaint.The treatment approach addresses the root cause of your disease and corrects it for long term benefit of health. The purpose of our homeopathic treatment is to achieve health for the long term such that you are not dependent on daily medications.It is one of the best Homeopathy Clinic in Magarpatta.

Dr. Shivaji Mali presents a scientific and modern face of homeopathy where his vast practical experience is supported by his own clinical formulas and medicines used, have relevant statistics and scientific documentation. His expertise in treating various acute and chronic disorders makes his clinic the most preferred destination by those who have full faith in homeopathy. He specializes in skin & hair, respiratory disorders, gastroenterological problems, joint pains, migraine, thyroid and common ailments that occur due to seasonal changes or otherwise.

Homeopathy Doctor in Pune

Dr. Sanyogita Mali

Dr. Sanyogita Mali understands and treats patients in a unique way. She has cured many diseases successfully in her Homeopathy Clinic.

Dr. Sanyogita Mali is Homeopathic Consultant at SWAMIPRASAD Homeopathy Clinic. Homeopathy has a “personalized” approach to medicine and treats the person as a whole rather than just the disease. It involves the closest match of medicine to the illness taking into account the patient’s physical build, personality, genetic structure and other personal factors. It focuses on curing a disease by removing the root cause rather than resorting to symptomatic treatment.

Best Homeopathy Doctor

Swami Prasad Homeopathic clinic is a leading Homeopathy Clinic in Magarpatta area. Get guaranteed treatments on Brain and Mental Diseases, ENT, Skin Problems, Hair loss, Bone Diseases etc.

Homeopathy is a medical system discovered over 200 years ago by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, a system that uses to treat, diluted and dynamite substances, herbal, mineral and animal preparations. Hahnemann was worried about the serious side effects of conventional drugs. So he has prepared and experienced diluted substances to diminish these side effects. To his surprise, he found that as the substances were diluted and dynamized, they had a curative effect and reduced toxic effects. In the following years, Hahnemann and later his followers, set up a homeopathic pharmacy, preparing and experimenting with thousands of substances. The effectiveness of these homeopathic remedies in treating any kind of illness, Homeopathy is based on the law of similarity, a law that can be worded as follows: Any substance that, in large doses, causes certain symptoms in a healthy subject, can heal the same symptoms in a sick subject when administered in small doses (infinitesimal doses in the form homeopathic remedies). homeopathy is now recognized by the World Health Organization as the world’s second therapeutic system after allopathy (conventional medicine). It is a highly effective and scientific therapeutical system that mobilizes the natural self-healing resources of the body. Homeopathy considers all the symptoms of illness as the expression of the imbalance in the whole person and therefore treats the sick person and not the illness.

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